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Amelia has written and edited everything from video programs to newspaper stories and social media content.
With the perspective of a journalist and the experience of a business professional, Amelia loves to tell the stories of people, businesses and places.

PDA/FDA JOINT REGULATORY CONFERENCE: Great Place to Learn From Regulators

Bethesda, Md. – Many of the nearly 1,000 people who attended the 23rd Annual PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference said the event provided them the opportunity to hear directly from regulators on the issues that affect them most, and from industry experts on how they are responding to these same issues. Co-sponsored and co-planned by the PDA and the FDA, and held in Washington, D.C., the annual conference has become the place where those working in the pharmaceutical industry can join in discussi

Parenteral Drug Association Elections Begin

BETHESDA, MD. – For members of the Parenteral Drug Association, this is election season – for open seats on the 2014 Board of Directors. Three candidates are running for the officer positions on the Board.  The candidates are Martin VanTrieste for Chair-elect, Rebecca (Becky) Devine for Treasurer and Michael (Mike) Sadowski for Secretary. There are eight candidates seeking four open director seats.  They are Joyce Bloomfield, EJ Brandreth, Veronique Davoust, Jette Christensen, Edwin Rivera Mar

President's Perspective

When the discussion turned to transportation at a recent Board of Directors meeting, someone suggested that Reston start its own bus service. In another community, the idea may have been met with a chuckle or even disbelief, but in Reston, the comment raised not a brow. For 47 years, we’ve been activists and creators, turning dreams into reality and we have done it with volunteers who saw a need, formed a group or organization and met the need. There are literally hundreds of examples – from the

President's Perspective

When the first residents moved to Reston in the 1960’s, they were each greeted with a gift – one night’s worth of food to ease the burden of meal planning while moving into this remote, strange land. While you may not look upon a bag of groceries as a gift, to those who moved “out” to Reston at the time, it represented a thoughtful one. In this season of giving, you are likely to receive one or two items that will automatically go into the “re-gifting” category and another that will make you que